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Improved Reporting

Generating report instantly using the web-based reporting tool, you may either print, convert to an excel, download as a csv, copy to clipboard and save it as a pdf. Fast, reliable and can be accessed anywhere.

Superannuation Reporting

Up to date nasfund reporting and can be uploaded to nasfund portal.

IRC Reporting

Able Payroll Online is equipped with required IRC reporting ranges from tax installment report up to group certificate.

NCSL Reporting

Now integrated with NCSL portal, its easier now to update with NCSL with the use of new report that can be uploaded straight to NCSL portal.

Advance Loan Reporting

Able Payroll Online equipped with advance loaning facility comes with reports that can generate repayments and loan balances that are useful for both employees and employers alike.

Filtering and Query

Reporting are can be filtered via multiple ways like cost centres, department and every reference available, by proper filtering reports are more manageable and easier to analyze.