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Create Manage Submit Process


Able Payroll Online lets the user to create pay easily anywhere anytime. With this step, users will just need to input the pay reference, date range of the pay and select the group that was intend to make the pay.


Managing the pay at the users own pace by using this step. In here, users may exclude or include an employee in the pay, Update the employee advances and edit their pay by inputting number of hours worked, adding other pay items like leave entitlement or additional income/deduction and putting up adjustment if needed.


Confirming via ladderized approval is the key on verifying a pay. In this step, Once a pay was done, users may submit it and the supervisor/manager will be able to check and confirm the pay created.


Processing and finalizing the pay when it is approved is the last step. In here, Approving officer will need to accept and process the pay as an approved pay.